You Know You’re a Blogger When…

You Know You’re a Blogger When…
November 6, 2017 James Wolf

Make no mistake, blogging takes work. A successful blog requires creativity, dedication, passion for your subject matter and a little patience. But the work pays off. Maybe you’ve never particularly enjoyed writing. Or maybe you don’t think of yourself as web savvy. One day, after you’ve been persistent, something will happen that clues you in. You’ll realize that you’re a blogger!

Here are just some of the ways you’ll know you can proudly wear the title of Blogger.

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Celebrate your success as a blogger

You Never Lack for Ideas

You hear a news story on your drive to work and think, “I should write a blog post related to this.” Ideas for blog posts are all around you. Once you get in the habit of noticing them, you’ll find plenty of inspiration. You’ll want to comment on news and issues that everyone’s talking about.

You take notes in staff meetings about ideas that would make great blog posts. Ideas spring up not only externally but within your own company. Maybe a colleague mentions a recurring challenge in your industry. Perhaps someone shares a complimentary email they got from a customer. Maybe someone just tells a funny story that would resonate with your customers. All blog fodder. Keep track of it.


You Attract Lots of Positive Attention

Someone you’ve never met before tells you they enjoyed a post they read on your blog. It might happen at a conference or out to dinner with your spouse. A great blog post hooks people, and they remember it. It feels great to have someone tell you that they not only read your blog but the content sticks in their mind.

A member of the press calls you and says, “I see you blogged about X. We’d like to interview you about it.” By blogging, you position yourself as an expert in your field. When something newsworthy happens, the press needs experts. Many reporters follow blogs and social media accounts in their area of interest. They will be so thrilled to have a spokesperson in reach, they may put you on speed dial. Then, you earn media exposure, possibly including links back to your blog… driving even more traffic!

Your social media accounts are exploding. If you have a blog, you should be pushing out your content via whatever social media channels fit your audience. In turn, your blog should include links to your social accounts. When people learn that you’re consistently producing useful, interesting content, they’ll tune in. Look for a sharp uptick in likes, follows, and shares.


You Truly Engage with Your Audience

You start recognizing the names of regular commenters and actually getting to know them. Building a loyal following takes time and care. Just like you tend to any other customers in your sales funnel, cultivate people who comment repeatedly on your blog. They’re paying attention. Always respond to legitimate comments in a timely manner. You may spark conversations and get to know the commenters. They may become customers as well as spokespeople for your brand.

Readers suggest ideas for future posts. Your customers bring with them all sort of questions and challenges related to your industry. You can be there to answer those questions and solve those challenges. When someone reads your blog regularly, it’s likely they’ll suggest ideas you didn’t think of. This not only helps you maintain your pipeline of content, but offers valuable insight into the minds of customers.


There you go! Do you feel like a blogger? If not, hang in there. Blogging takes time, but with dedication, you will reap the rewards.


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