Never Run Out of Blog Post Ideas

Never Run Out of Blog Post Ideas
October 18, 2017 James Wolf

Here at SiteBloggers, one of the main concerns we hear from people who want to start a blog is, “How will I think of blog post ideas? What will I write about all the time?”

Often, these same people get into blogging and soon, they have more ideas than they can possibly write about. You just have to get the ball rolling, and its momentum may amaze you. You know your business better than anyone, so you already have tons of valuable information inside you. You just have to spin it into engaging content.

Remember, topics don’t always have to focus specifically on your product or service. Think about your audience and their lifestyle. Consider their interests or concerns, perhaps related to your industry but not directly in line with it.

Here are some tips to help ensure you never lack for blog post ideas.

blog post ideas

Never run out of blog post ideas

Before You Start Blogging

Even before you publish a single post, generate as many blog post ideas as you can. You don’t have to write every post right now. Just let the ideas flow.



If you already have an FAQ page on your website, you have a ready-made list of blog post ideas. If not, call a meeting with your customer service or marketing team. Or if it’s just you, grab a friend or mentor and have a conversation. Discuss all the most common things that customers ask you about your product or service. What do they ask before they buy? What do they ask after they buy? What does your 80-year-old grandmother who doesn’t really get what you do ask about? These perspectives can provide you with all kinds of ideas.


Social Media is Your Friend

Search for hashtags relevant to your industry. As you do, make note of questions people ask that you could answer in a blog post. Then, visit your competitors’ feeds. Learn what their customers or potential customers talk about. Follow industry blogs, publications, and experts. Pay attention to hot topics.


Use Your Audience Research

You probably researched your audience thoroughly before launching your business. You may conduct ongoing research as you develop marketing campaigns or roll out new products. Use this information in your blogging. Draw on information about your target audience’s demographics, hobbies, and lifestyle.


Make an Editorial Calendar

Start your calendar by listing everything you already plan to do for the year: special promotions, product launches, etc. Then add major holidays. Then add oddball “hashtag holidays” relevant to your industry. (Don’t try to add them all. You’ll make yourself crazy.) Now, add seasonal considerations like “back to school” or “holiday shopping.” From the events you’ve listed, create ideas that tie your products to events on the calendar. For example, if you make an app that helps college students organize homework, plan a post on organization tips just before school starts.


Once Your Blog is Up and Running

Once you start posting regularly and engaging with followers, topic ideas may pop up at any moment. Perhaps someone makes a great point in your comments section or starts an interesting discussion on your Facebook page. Here are some tips to maximize your “idea machine.”


Share Your Posts on Social Media

Sharing drives traffic and boosts your SEO. As a bonus, it also sparks conversation. Those conversations can easily lead to more blog post ideas or even help you find guest bloggers.


Engage Guest Bloggers

Once you have established your blog and started to gain a following, tap other influencers for ideas. Perhaps there’s a subject you know would benefit your readers but it’s a little outside your area of expertise. Invite someone respected in the industry to contribute a post. If you really trust someone, you might even ask them to suggest their own idea for a post. After a while, guest bloggers might just start approaching you.


Ideas Are All Around You

When you get comfortable with blogging, you’ll start to pick up on potential ideas. In meetings, at conferences, or even in your leisure time, you might learn something that interests you. Ask yourself whether it would interest your blog readers, too. Maybe you just read a great book or heard a compelling news story. These observations about the world make great blog post ideas!


Generating great ideas for your blog isn’t as hard as it might sound. Devote some time to it before you start blogging and you’ll be on track for success. And, if you get stuck, consider hiring us to help you out with our team of professional writers from a wide variety of industries.


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